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C/O Berlin Talent Award

Supporting and developing emerging talents in their artistic development is an integral part of the C/O Berlin Foundation’s mission and work. C/O Berlin is an exhibition space for photography and visual media that brings people together and gives them a space to exchange ideas, engage in conversation, and create a network of young international contemporary photographers.

The C/O Berlin Talent Award is the only prize of its kind in Europe. Each year it recognizes the exceptional work of one Artist and one Theorist under the age of 35. The C/O Berlin Talent Award honors one outstanding young Artist and Theorist each year, awarding 10,000 in total (7,000 in the Artist category and 3,000 in the Theorist category). Along with a cash award, the winning photographer is honored with a solo exhibition at C/O Berlin. A publication accompanying the exhibition is put out and contains work by the prizewinning art writer. Applications for the C/O Berlin Talent Award are not public and only accepted following nomination by the selection committee. Entrants to the C/O Berlin Talent Award competition are nominated by a high-ranking expert jury. The awards committee selects five candidates for its short list, from which the prizewinner is selected. The shortlisted candidates are introduced in the C/O Berlin Newspaper and their work is presented online as part of C/O Berlin’s cooperation with the magazine Der Greif. Media partner arte covers the C/O Berlin Talent Award and the winner’s exhibition.

The C/O Berlin Foundation has supported the work of emerging Artists and Theorists since 2006. To date, over 80 young talents have received support and been exposed to a broad audience through exhibitions and publications. These include the Artists Stefanie Moshammer (2018), Sebastian Stumpf (2008) and Tobias Zielony (2007) as well as Theorists Andreas Prinzing (2018), Katja Müller-Helle (2012), Steffen Siegel (2009) and Florian Ebner (2006).


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