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Jul 14, 2022 – Feb 1, 2023
C/O Digital . New Values © C/O Berlin Foundation . Design: Naroska
Visual C/O Digital A platform of C/O Berlin
© C/O Berlin Foundation, Naroska Design

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C/O Digital was C/O Berlin’s digital platform that was dedicated to investigating internet-based visual cultures and their artistic forms of expression.

C/O Digital illuminated, interpreted, and presented topics that interface with photography, doing so from the perspective of digital cultures. The program promoted artists who are dealing with urgent questions of digitality and supported artistic processes of research and production through events, workshops, and discussion formats.

C/O Digital Festival © C/O Berlin Foundation . David von Becker
C/O Digital Festival © C/O Berlin Foundation . David von Becker

In 2022 C/O Digital’s annual topic was New Values, focusing on the artistic investigation and redefinition of the term value. Productivity, efficiency, and economic success are the pillars of the digital platforms that continuously engage us in a growing and changing digital world. Searching for new definitions of value and networks based on caring, solidarity, and trust that are remote from capitalist and profit-oriented guidelines were the focus of the artistic research. Methods of virtual gaming were used to imagine social forms of interaction outside the economic market resulting from this research: creating worlds, building up networks, and trying out new forms of value.

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