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C/O Berlin Foundation

C/O Berlin is a charitable foundation that presents a cultural program with an international standing. The exhibition venue for photography and visual media shows works by renowned artists, promotes emerging talents and accompanies children, teenagers and adults on their journeys of discovery through our visual culture.


Based on the civic commitment of the three founders—photographer Stephan Erfurt, designer Marc Naroska, and architect Ingo Pott—a private initiative has developed into a unique institution that receives widespread public acclaim. As a non-profit foundation, C/O Berlin operates independently of commercial interests and is financed through admission fees, book sales, and sponsoring as well as by donations and contributions of the C/O Berlin Friends e.V. As of the financial year 2020/21, the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises and the Senate Department of Culture and Europe will grant C/O Berlin a project-specific funding.


Each year C/O Berlin shows as many as twelve solo and group exhibitions of internationally distinguished photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Martin Parr, Nan Goldin, Anton Corbijn, Peter Lindbergh or Irving Penn. Talks, lectures, panels, performances, screenings and guided tours intensify and expand on selected exhibition content and artistic approaches, which have been curated and compiled in collaboration with reknown museums, collections and art institutions worldwide.

C/O Berlin Talent Award

Supporting and developing emerging talents in their artistic development is an integral part of the C/O Berlin Foundation’s mission and work. The C/O Berlin Talent Award is the only prize of its kind in Europe. Each year it recognizes the exceptional work of one Artist and one Theorist under the age of 35. Along with a cash award, the winning Artist is honored with a solo exhibition at C/O Berlin. A publication accompanying the exhibition is put out and contains work by the prizewinning Theorist.


Education supplements the program at C/O Berlin by covering the important aspect of visual pedagogy. With the formats Junior, Teens and Adults, C/O Berlin offers a chance to get to know photography, film and design on a professional level and to playfully implement one‘s own ideas. In workshops lasting several days the participants get to know photography, film and design on a professional level, gain specialized knowledge, enhance their perception and discover their own creative potential.

C/O Berlin Friends

C/O Berlin Friends brings passionate and committed friends of photography together. The group’s work supports the diverse activities of C/O Berlin—exhibitions, the annual C/O Berlin Talent Award for young artists, and educational offerings for children and teens including the Perspectives program for socially disadvantaged youth.

Amerika Haus

In 2014, C/O Berlin moved to the Amerika Haus, built in 1956/57 on the occasion of the Interbau International Building Exhibition and according to plans by architect Bruno Grimmek. Until 2006, the light and elegant building served as the cultural and information centre of the United States of America in Berlin—including a cinema, a library and exhibition spaces. In 2015, C/O Berlin was awarded the Berlin BDA Prize (Bund Deutscher Architekten) for its sensitive refurbishment and revitalization of the Amerika Haus.

Facts & Figures

2.407.650 Visitors in 20 years
354.000 Google search results
336.013 Invitations
327.000 Total circulation of the C/O Berlin newspaper since 2014
250.000 Visitors in the first year at the Amerika Haus
179.203 Visitors in 2019
174.142 Art postcards sold in the bookshop
110.000 Visitors to the Annie Leibovitz retrospective
100.000 Visitors to the Irving Penn exhibition
95.953 Friends on Facebook
95.000 Visitors to the Sebastião Salgado exhibition
82.233 Visitors to the Anton Corbijn exhibition
82.000 Followers on Instagram
32.739 Nails and screws to hang pictures
18.598 Subscribers to the newsletter
13.500 Followers on Twitter
11.640 Liters of paint
5.840 Tweets
5.656 C/O Berlin tote bags sold
5.500 Visitors to the Grand Opening of the Amerika Haus on October 10, 2014
3.718 Books in the private library
3.200 Visitors to the farewell party at the old Royal Post Office in 2013
2.050 Square meters of exhibition space
2020 20th anniversary of C/O Berlin
2000 Founding year
828 News reports in 2019
639 Events including talks, lectures, screenings, panels, performances
432 Members of C/O Berlin Friends
319 Cooperation partners
253 Junior and Teens workshops
220-meter-long line to attend the Grand Opening
142 Exhibitions in 19 years
120 Distribution points for the C/O Berlin newspaper
88 Editions
42 Employees
40 Talents supported through shows and catalogues
6 “Art-in-architecture” objects shown in the Café
3 Founding partners – Stephan Erfurt, Marc Naroska, Ingo Pott
3 Moves – Royal Post Office, Linienstraße, Royal Post Office, Amerika Haus
2 C/O Berlin Talent Awards
1 Federal Cross of the Order of Merit