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When photos learned to run . The golden age of photojournalism

Lecture by Anton Holzer, photography historian

How was the leisurely newspaper photographer replaced by the roving reporter? Around 1900, a new type of photographer emerged on the scene: the photojournalist, always on the prowl for news flashes and sensational stories. Photojournalists work not in the studio, but on the street. On assignment for the press, they use their cameras to transform headlines into striking visual images. Into the mid-twentieth century and beyond, the dominant visual mass medium was the illustrated news magazine—until it was replaced first by television, then by the Internet. Photography historian Anton Holzer reconstructs the golden age of photojournalism, accompanying photographers on their adventurous expeditions, following them through their normal working lives, and casting a glance into the editorial offices where their photo reports and articles came into being.

Start 8 pm . No registration
Admission 5 euros
Place C/O Berlin im Amerika Haus . Hardenbergstraße 22–24 . 10623 Berlin