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Talents 2017

FAQ . Frequently Asked Questions


Questions concerning the sending of the written application documents and the requirements

Which documents must be enclosed in the written application?
The application, which you can either send by post or hand in to the office in person, must include the following documents: a maximum of 15 work samples, printed (maximum size DIN A4), short, one-sided project description, as well as a transfer voucher. It is not necessary to print and enclose the completed online form. However it is important to complete the online form as without this the application will be considered incomplete and hence invalid. Please do not submit any originals. The jury will be working with the material during the selection procedure. That means that we will not extend warranty for any high quality prints or originals.

Does the postmark mean the postmark of the post office from which I send the application or the receipt stamp from your institution?
It refers to the postmark of the post office from which you send your application.

Can I also apply if I am already 35?
Yes, you can also apply if you are already 35. The age limit is 35 years and under.

Questions concerning the online form

Will applicants receive a confirmation email, once they have sent the online form?
No. When you have completed the online form and click on “register”, your online registration is complete. A window will open confirming that you data has been submitted.

Do I have to enclose the completed online form in the written application?
No, you do not need to enclose the a printed version of the completed online form . You only need to do this of you had problems submitting the form and are not sure if it has been accepted. However it is important to complete the online form as without this the application will be considered incomplete and hence invalid.

Questions about the application fee

Can someone else transfer the application fee for me?
Yes, someone else can pay the application fee for you, in other words it can be paid from an account that you are not the owner of. In this case, please ensure that the name of the person participating in the competition is mentioned, as well as the name of the Talents program and the reason for the transfer.

Can I enclose the participation fee in the application in cash?
If you are not able to make a transfer, you can include the application fee in your written application in cash.

Does the application fee have to be on your account by the entry deadline or is it sufficient if I initiate the transfer before the deadline?
It is sufficient if you initiate the transfer before the deadline. In this case please make sure that you include the transfer voucher in your written application.

Can I also pay the application fee per PayPal?
The participation fee can also be paid via Pay Pal. The recipient address is:

Is there an order in which I should submit the documents or the application fee?
You can submit the documents in any order. You just have to ensure that we have received all the application documents by the entry deadline and that they all have the required postmark.

Questions concerning the nature and contents of the application documents

Can I also apply as a director or visual artist?
The Talents programme is aimed more at photographers and visual artists working with photography. Video or art projects can be taken into account and are welcome, however they should have a strong connection with the medium photography or at least be clearly based or focused on the medium of photography.

When I, as a photographer, submit work samples, do I also have to submit a text by an art critic?
No, there are two separate competitions for photographers and art critics. First of all, the winner will be chosen by a specialist jury. The selected Talents position will subsequently be allocated an art critic.

Can I also submit a joint project?
Unfortunately, this is not possible as our talents programme is aimed more at individual photographers at the beginning of their professional career. In addition, it is difficult to integrate joint projects in our program.

Should the submitted photos have been produced in a particular time period or can I also submit older works?
The submitted photos need not have been produced within a particular period of time. You can also submit earlier, older works, as long as these fit the theme of the competition. However please note that the projects submitted are also those that will subsequently be exhibited. Hence it makes sense to submit more recent works, ideally ones that have never been exhibited anywhere else.

Do I have to put my name on each of the work samples?
You do not have to put your name on each of the work samples or sign them. However it does make it easier for us to categorize them.

My work is a photographic video work. Can I also submit a USB flash drive with the material?
If the work you want to submit is a video work you can also submit USB flash drive with the material.

Can I submit a publication instead of individual work samples?
If your work samples have appeared in a publication, a booklet or in another bound form, you can also submit these. However, please keep in mind that the submitted works cannot be sent back and are used by the jury as working material. For this reason, you should not submit any originals.

Questions concerning the return of the application documents


Will the submitted works be sent back?
No, that is not possible due to the large number of applications sent. This is also not possible even if you include return postage in your application. However, you can pick up the application documents yourself at our office until the end of July 2017. All the material not collected by then will unfortunately have to be disposed of. Once again, we appreciate your understanding.

As I live abroad, I cannot include a stamped, self-addressed envelope in my application. Can I also transfer an amount for the return of my application, as well as the application fee or can you send me an invoice for this sum?
Due to the large number of applications that we receive in this competition, it is unfortunately not possible to offer this service. Thank you for your understanding.

Questions about the selection procedure

What is the subsequent procedure for selecting the photographers?
The jury session will be held in May/June 2017. The jury will look at all the completed and submitted applications and will select the winner. Once this has occurred, the winner will be informed. Everyone else will receive an email informing them that they have unfortunately not been selected. Thank you for understanding that we cannot send any of the applications back.

Art critics

Do the text samples have to be published texts?
Not necessarily. The most important thing is that we get an impression of your style of writing and your special topics.

How many work samples do I need to submit?
There is no specified number of work samples. You should submit a sufficient number of work samples to represent your work as favourably as possible and provide us with a good insight into your style of writing and the themes you have worked on.

What advantages do I have as a critic if I win?
You have the chance to work for one of the most renowned institutions in the field of photography. You will create a catalogue text in collaboration with an artist and will have the opportunity to introduce the artist’s work at the opening. In addition, this publication, which is published at Kehrer Verlag, will be a good reference, which you can add to later applications. We also help critics to expand their network outside Germany and we will arrange for the exhibition to tour and in this context also organise artist talks with the critics. As a result we will provide you with a first-class platform to present your work and connect with people.

What is the subsequent procedure for the selection procedure?
The application for critics will be put together in a so-called “pool of critics”, from which we will select the respective critics for each of the winning photographers. Due to the large number of applications we are not always able to inform each critic. You will only receive a reply if you have been selected. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note: The specified address to which the applications should be sent, applies to both photographers and art critics.