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Seeing Machines

Talk with James Bridle

C/O Berlin and the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation are pleased to invite you to the lecture Seeing Machines by James Bridle.

In his artistic works, writings, and lectures James Bridle explores contemporary computer forecasting and automation technologies as part of our everyday lives. In his lecture Seeing Machines, he discusses new aesthetic forms and technologies whose structures and systems have become almost impossible for us to decipher, and probes the limits of human knowledge and machine cognition. In his investigative works, he devises forms of resistance to algorithmic systems and creates new images and poetic possibilities for the computer age. The final event will take place as part of the event series accompanying the current exhibition Watched! Surveillance, Art & Photography at C/O Berlin, which started in June 2016.

James Bridle’s artistic work Homo sacer (2014) is being shown in the exhibition of the same name and will be on display at C/O Berlin up to April 23, 2017

Numerous sociologists, psychologists, legal scholars, politicians, and artists are interrogating diverse aspects of surveillance and its effects on both larger groups and the individual. They are not only examining questions of the private sphere and potential threats to the individual posed by state and private surveillance, but are also engaging critically and playfully with various forms of everyday observation that have become a constitutive element of our social life. These sweeping developments raise the questions: What effects will they have on us? How are these changes reflected in artistic works? And how can contemporary art and media theory contribute to a better understanding of our modern surveillance society? In the event series Watched! Surveillance, Art & Photography, C/O Berlin and the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation are exploring these questions and presenting a range of commentaries and responses from both contemporary artists and media experts. 

James Bridle is a British writer, artist, journalist, and technologist from London. He currently lives and works in Athens. His works covers the intersection of literature, culture, and technology. Bridle has published numerous journalistic and theoretical texts in online and print media, and his artistic work has been shown at international institutions and museums including the Barbican Center and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London; the Laboral in Gijón; ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe; and the National Arts Centre in Tokyo; and as part of the Lighthouse Brighton Festival; Milan Design Week; the Bienal Internacional de Curitiba; and the Istanbul Design Biennial. He is an active participant in contemporary discourses surrounding the topic of surveillance, has held lectures worldwide, and has taught at Goldsmith University in London.

The lecture will be held in English.

Begin 8:30 pm
Language English
Admission 10/6 Euro . Online-Ticket