Jochen Lempert

May 13 – Sep 7, 2023
'Untitled (Plastic Bag II)', 2019 © Jochen Lempert/ VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022, Courtesy BQ, Berlin und ProjecteSD, Barcelona

Artist and trained biologist Jochen Lempert investigates the many phenomena of light in nature through the medium of photography. His work, consisting of blackand- white handmade prints that depend on the grain of the film, varying contrasts, and a mixture of different photographic production procedures, makes the ordinary special. Lempert observes the interaction between humans and nature, and uses stylistic elements of scientific photography, New Objectivity, and the seriality of Conceptualism of the 1970s in his arrangements, which are always conceived especially for a particular exhibition space. Lempert’s continued examination of this topic since the 1990s takes on a new explosiveness in the context of the Anthropocene. C/O Berlin presents the artist’s first museum exhibition in Berlin, which includes central topics from his thirty-year career in addition to recent works.

In collaboration with Centre Pompidou, Paris, and Huis Marseille, Amsterdam.