Talents 01 . Stephanie Kiwitt / Claudia Gochmann
Apr 5, 2006 – Jul 5, 2006
Talents 01

One of the things that turns this photograph from what looks like a casual snapshot into a formally–structured image is the unique stance taken by the photographer, Stephanie Kiwitt, and this stance leads the viewer to spend a long time in contemplation of this image and the others in the “bricolage” series. Much of what is interesting does not reveal itself on first glance.

Why are the planks of wood lying across the pavement? What is it that some of them are lying on? Or, in another image: why has a motorbike been covered in plastic? Is it to protect it from rain? Or from inquisitive eyes? It would be interesting to know which. Why is there a chair, on a small table, in the middle of a parking space?