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Pictoplasma . Neighbourhood . Made by all and not by one


Australian artist collective Rinzen distributes featureless, hand-made toys following the Chinese whisper “sample und remix” principle to artists, illustrators, and fashion designers. The result: a family of morphing and evolving characters and personalities. Participating artists are Friends with You (USA), Boris Hoppek (GER), Genevieve Gauckler (FR), Love Ablan (USA), Derrick Hodgsen (CA) and Deanne Cheuk (AUS).

The Pictoplasma project began in the year 1999 with a process of thoroughly inventorizing, collecting and archiving contemporary artistic character design. The innumerable images in Pictoplasma’s archive reveal the opportunities and possibilities that models and toys offer as an independent graphic language. With the unique Pictoplasma website, two books, entitled Pictoplasma 1 & 2 (Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin), and a range of exhibitions have publicly explored new character design.