© Iris Janke

Perspectives is a program aimed at children, young people, and young adults in socially disadvantaged circumstances. No two workshops are alike, because the life stories and experiences that the participants bring with them vary so widely. Each workshop is tailored to suit the unique backgrounds of those involved and respects their needs, whether they are children in a Berlin orphanage, homeless teenagers, or young adults who were refugees. The program offers people of different educational and personal backgrounds a space to experiment. Here, they can encounter new ways of expressing themselves, thus creating a bridge between life circumstances and the world of culture. As the name suggests, Perspectives offers new points of view.

© Sebastian Wells
Give opportunities to discover photography

The diverse, cross-generational educational program of C/O Berlin’s learning division is made possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, donors, and friends. You too can give children, young people, and socially disadvantaged groups the opportunity to discover the world of photography in a professional, independent, and creative way. By donating, you make a long-lasting contribution to our program for cultural education.