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Opening Night . LABLAND 2019

Club Night

Begin 10 p.m.
End 3 a.m.
DJ-Sets by Modeselektor, Krsn, Skate
Visuals by Pfadfinderei
Drinks Morphin
Admission free

Even before their first album was released, before going on to international success, and before they and Apparat co-founded the band Moderat, Berlin duo Modeselektor had been hosting of the audiovisual party series Labland together with the seven-member design collective Pfadfinderei. Their idea was radical and new at the time: bringing music and visuals together as equals—you were supposed to see with your ears and hear with your eyes. Appearing first at Kurvenstar, then at WMF, and finally on tour in France and on stage at the Volksbühne, they spent entire nights improvising together. While Modeselektor, KRSN, and Skate mixed drum & bass, IDM, and techno with whatever else they were interested in musically to create freeform DJ sets that went far beyond the usual club functionality, Pfadfinderei created real-time visual sequences to complement the music—using VHS recorders, powerbooks, and a video mixing console. The result was just as ephemeral as it was influential: there is almost no successful electronic act today that doesn’t use live visuals in their stage shows, and at festivals like CTM, MIRA, and Mapping, visual artists working on equal terms with DJs and live acts has become the norm. Twenty years after their first party together, Modeselektor and Pfadfinderei will be bringing Labland back for one night in an event accompanying the exhibition No Photos on the Dance Floor! Berlin 1989—Today at C/O Berlin.