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Danny Lyon / Willi Ruge

Danny Lyon . Message to the Future
1963: Scenes of young African-American protestors applauding, one with his arm raised toward the sky; racial conflict and police brutality. Danny Lyon, the son of Jewish immigrants, was just twenty-one years old and a student at the University of Chicago when he fearlessly took these photographs of a protest that made history: the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. These powerful images would establish the photographer and filmmaker as one of the most important chroniclers of the American civil rights movement.

Willi Ruge . Fotoaktuell
Cars racing down Berlin’s AVUS highway, planes landing high in the mountains, the Spartacist uprising, insurgency in Upper Silesia, a self-portrait in free fall: With his passion for sport, aviation, and car racing, Willi Ruge (1892–1961) was the ideal protagonist in this era of optical sensations and speed. His thirst for adventure took him on travels around Europe, Africa and South America. As a war reporter as well as a commercial director, Willi Ruge bore witness to social turmoil and was fascinated by the technical possibilities of modernism at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Photo: David von Becker

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