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Privacy vs. Street Photography

In the discussion, representatives of the law, the arts and the media grapple with current developments, potential consequences and challenges for street photographers. Julia Reda is advocating for the freedom of panorama in the EU parliament as a member of the Pirate Party, the artist Beat Streuli is a known proponent of street photography and lawyer Sebastian Graalfs has long litigated for artistic freedom with the agency OST-KREUZ. As an image editor, Reto Klar is responsible for the distribution of images at the Berliner Morgenpost and Prof. Dr. Christian Czychowski continues to defend copyright protections as a lawyer at the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation. Surveillance has long been a major issue in society. Sociologists, psychologists, lawyers, politicians and artists address the different forms of surveillance and their effects on indi-viduals and entire groups. They don't merely concentrate on issues of privacy and the potential threat to individuals through governmental and private surveillance, but rather critically and playfully address the various forms of daily surveillance as constitutive part of our social lives.

In cooperation with the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation.