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DER LAUF DER DINGE - EMOP Berlin 2016 - Opening Day workshops from Practical Animation on Vimeo.

EMOP Berlin 2016 . The way of things . Photo experiments

Everyone becomes a researcher in order to use the influence of physical forces like centrifugal force, thrust or magnetism and make things
run that they’ve made themselves. The photographic medium is perfectly suited for documentation. After a short introduction into the world of dynamics, the participants choose a physical phenomenon that they would like to research. They sketch the respective movement and its sequence and use fitting objects made of wood, wire, cardboard, paper, string, fabrics, modeling materials or dough to create the experiment set-up. After that, they enter a darkened room where they can perform different experiments on the movement of objects and artificial light. At the end of the workshop, every participant has a fun visualization of the res­pective dynamic type as part of a small photo series.

A workshop by Katrin Wittig, Bühnenbildnerin