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AUGE UM AUGE, LOCH UM LOCH - EMOP Berlin 2016 - Opening Day workshops from Practical Animation on Vimeo.

EMOP Berlin 2016 . Eye for an eye, hole for a hole

Can we really take pictures without timers, flash, and lens? The ancestor of all cameras makes it possible—the pinhole camera. Its structure is very simple because it consists of only three parts: lightproof housing, small round opening, and light-sensitive material. But you can’t take this camera to the photoshop for quick processing. A darkroom is necessary, as well as developers and fixers. What looks like unnecessary work at first is actually a lot of fun. Because this way, you can create your own photo from the very start to finish. Something truly unique!

The workshop consists of two parts: The artist Georgia Krawiec is setting up large format pinhole cameras at C/O Berlin, which everyone can use to take a portrait of themselves. After this exposure period, you can simply head to your own home photo lab to develop. At the end, everyone can take their pictures home with them.

A workshop by Georgia Krawiec, Fotokünstlerin