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DÉCOLLAGE - EMOP Berlin 2016 - Opening Day workshops from Practical Animation on Vimeo.

EMOP Berlin 2016 . Décollage . Discovery of new imagery

Often we see billboards in the streets of Berlin plastered thick with posters. Not only with a layer but rather with countless layers of paper. Before tearing down the entire block, we can change it in an artistic way. Just like the artist Wolf Vostell, who has perfected the method of décollage.

The workshop participants will reveal hidden works of art by ripping, burning and cutting the boards.With tools or bare hands, the participants expose the top layers of the billboards and search for exciting intermediary layers and hidden visual contexts. A photo camera will be installed to document and automatically take shots at regular intervals. A time-lapse film is the result and it records the entire décollage process—another visual product of the workshop.

A workshop by Frederik Poppe, Bildender Künstler