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LIGHT GRAFFITI - EMOP Berlin 2016 - Opening Days Workshop from Practical Animation on Vimeo.

EMOP Berlin 2016 . Light Graffiti

Light is fast, light is fleeting. Graffiti, however, is composed of static elements like images, logos or signs on a solid surface. How can we combine the two? How can you fix a moving tracer? The photographic medium makes that possible. The dynamics of light is a popular topic in photography that reaches far back into photographic history. Artists like ­László ­Moholy-Nagy, Otto Steinert, Pim van Os and Pablo Picasso practiced light experiments and produced surreal images with the help of simple light sources. The light magic is examined more closely in the workshop and captured in images.After a short introduction to light photography, the participants will immerse themselves in darkened rooms in order to paint figures, shapes and lettering in the darkness with different lights like flashlights or glow sticks and to create combined magical images.

Workshop by Eva Gjaltema, photographer