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TRICKWELTEN - EMOP Berlin 2016 - Opening Day Workshops from Practical Animation on Vimeo.

EMOP Berlin 2016 . Animated worlds

Wild goblins climbing the TV Tower, whistling dogs riding bikes through the Tiergarten, tiny Martians landing on the dome of the Reichstag, a colorful horde of goblins dancing down the Ku’damm—something that only happens in a dream. But how can these amusing thoughts be brought to life? Animated films make everything possible that your imagination can come up with. You can create your own world just the way you want it. In this workshop, participants receive an introduction to different stop-motion techniques such as claymation from experienced animator Jan Caspers. At the end, they receive the opportunity to design their own character and develop a short story. With the help of cameras and computer programs, they can bring their animated figures to life—by hand and step-by-step.

A workshop by Jan Caspers, Puppeteer and Animator.