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Watched! Big Data

C/O Berlin and the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation invited you to the panel discussion entitled Big Data in the Amerika Haus. Heiko Maas, Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, Sophie Mützel, sociologist specializing in "media & networks",and the artist and author James Bridle discussed the benefits and risks of our transparent lives in times of digital exploitability of data. The event was moderated by the chief correspondent of Deutsche Welle and TV presenter Melinda Crane and is part of the series Watched! Surveillance Art & Photography instead.

In the discussion, the participants from the fields of politics, sociology, art & data technology grappled with the latest developments as well as with the benefits and risks in dealing with big data.

Surveillance has long been a major issue in society. Sociologists, psychologists, lawyers, politicians and artists address the different forms of surveillance and their effects on individuals and entire groups. They don't merely concentrate on issues of privacy and the potential threat to individuals through governmental and private surveillance, but rather critically and playfully deal with the various forms of daily surveillance as constitutive part of our social lives. Given this universal development, the question arose: What effect does this have on us? How are these developments reflected in artistic works? And how can contemporary art and media theory contribute to a better understanding of our modern surveillance society?

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