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No Shade on the Dance Floor

Club Night

No Shade Allstars with Visuals by it's bad juju

Begin 10:00 p.m.
End 03:00 a.m.
Ticket 10 euros . Available at the door from 9:00 p.m.

No Shade is a young, 16-member collective that aims to bring more diversity and inclusion to Berlin nightlife. Through its eponymous club night and a DJ training and mentoring program, it has been offering a forum for young women, trans, and non-binary DJs in the capital city’s electronic music scene since 2017. In ball culture, “shade” is slang for insults. The name “No Shade” conveys the collective’s message: cooperation instead of competition, collaborative learning instead of conflict. No Shade works to make club culture a place and space for self-determination, interaction, personal transformation, solidarity, and resistance. For the collective, there are no musical boundaries. Their music is inspired by labels and producers that distribute music on the Internet, that mix all the genres and create new sounds. Their sets include music of all tempos, with influences ranging from hip-hop to techno. Bass, juke, footwork, Jersey club, baile funk, dancehall, reggaeton merge with deconstructed club music. For C/O Berlin, the collective created 3D scans of the community and visuals behind bright colors that interact in real time with the movements of the crowd.

No Shade on the Dance Floor presents club sounds from a new generation of Berlin DJs and producers as part of the program of events accompanying the exhibition No Photos on the Dance Floor! Berlin 1989—Today at C/O Berlin. DJ sets and performances by No Shade Allstars, Linnéa, Ceekayin2u, Poly Maze, Hunni'd Jaws, Ace of Diamonds, AUCO, Kikelomo, Panasiagirl, Sara Fumaça, Foresta, 41ISSA, PERÍGGA, Folly Ghost, and Grinderteeth will be accompanied by live visuals from it's bad juju.