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Our Newsletter informs you about our program, workshops and all important dates.

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Information on Newsletter Service (Direct Mail)

Double opt-in and tracking
Registration for our newsletter takes place in what is known as a “double opt-in” process: After you sign up for our newsletter, you receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration. This confirmation is necessary because it prevents third parties from registering your e-mail address.
In order to be able to document the registration process in accordance with legal regulations, we track information on all registrations for our newsletter. This information includes the date and time of registration, date and time of confirmation, and the IP address. We also log all changes to the data stored in the Direct Mail newsletter application. We use your data only to send you information and offers from C/O Berlin.

Use of the Direct Mail newsletter service
We mail our newsletter using Direct Mail, a newsletter mailing application produced by the US-based company e3 Software, 465 Fairchild Drive #229, Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA.

The email addresses of our newsletter recipients, as well as all other data described in this statement, are stored on the servers of the company Direct Mail in the USA. Direct Mail uses this information only to mail the newsletter and to generate delivery statistics on our behalf. Also, according to Direct Mail’s privacy policy, Direct Mail uses the data to optimize and improve their services, such as mailing technologies and newsletter design, and for economic purposes, for instance, to determine which countries recipients are from. Direct Mail does not use our newsletter recipients’ addresses to contact them directly and does not disclose their addresses to third parties. We trust Direct Mail’s reliability and adherence to the relevant data protection regulations. Direct Mail has certified its adherence to the US-EU Privacy Shield Framework, under which it is obligated to comply with EU data protection regulations.

In its Data Processing Addendum, Direct Mail has pledged to protect and safeguard our users’ data and to use these data on our behalf in adherence with data protection regulations, and in particular, not to disclose the data to third parties.
To see the Direct Mail privacy policy, click here, and to see the Data Privacy Statement of the C/O Berlin Foundation, click here.