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To look at death and what is allowed to show?

Panel discussion

With Walter Schels (photographer) and Beate Lakotta (author) Christoph Bangert (photographer) Kito Nedo (journalist and author)
Moderators Felix Hoffmann and Friedrich Tietjen

Begin 7.30 pm
Ticket 10/6 Euro (incl. exhibition) Available online (plus booking fee) and at C/O Berlin

The question of showing is also the question of what we want to see and what the seen does to us. With pictures of death this applies in a special way, because they always show us how our own death could look like. Such images evoke affects and strong emotions that are difficult to endure and even more difficult to communicate. How do people deal with them, for whom the sight of death is part of their everyday professional life?

Christoph Bangert is a photo journalist, author, lecturer and certified bus driver.Bangert worked for The New York Times and photographed on assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for numerous publications. He is author of several books such as War Porn (2014) and hello camel (2016) among others. He is initiator of the Fotobus project and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf and the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. Christoph Bangert lives and works in Cologne. 

Beate Lakotta studied German studies and political science in Heidelberg. She began working at Der Spiegel in 2000 as an editor at the magazine’s science desk, reporting on medicine and psychology. She has been writing on legal topics for the weekly news magazine since 2010. She has received numerous awards for her work. Beate Lakotta is married to Walter Schels. They live and work in Hamburg. Felix Hoffmann is art historian and cultural scientist, and chief curator at the C/O Berlin Foundation since 2005.

Kito Nedo studied History, Culture and Media Studies in Leipzig, London and Berlin. He is a freelance author and journalist based in Berlin. He works for art – Das Kunstmagazin, Süddeutsche Zeitung and frieze among others. In 2017 he was awarded for the ADKV-Art Cologne-Award for Art Criticism.

Walter Schels is a photographer whose works are part of the current exhibition at C/O Berlin, The Last Image . Photography and Death. In photographic series and long-term photographic projects, Schels focuses on observing the extreme situations of human existence. He has received numerous awards, including the World Press Photo Award, for his series of photographs showing hospice patients before and directly after their death. Schels became famous for his portrait series of artists and politicians, of prominent cultural figures and intellectuals, but also of animals.

Friedrich Tietjen holds a doctoral degree in art history and works as a curator and author. He lives in Leipzig and Vienna.