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Light Image Movement . The evolution of visuals in clubs and with electronic music

Panel Discussion

Begin 7 p.m.
With Christopher Bauder . WhiteVoid . Designer and Light Artist
Leigh Sachwitz . flora&faunavisions . Designer and Media Artist
Marcel Weber . MFO . Scenographer, Light, and Video Artist
Moderation . Jan Rohlf . Artistic Director, CTM Festival

Along with the music, a major driving force in 1990s Berlin club culture was the use of visual design to create atmospheres, and it defined the experiential qualities that remain influential to this day. A generation of artists working at the nexus of interior design, stage design, lighting design, motion graphics, and video art created new ideas and design forms whose impact extended around the world. Their approach resonated with musicians who were feeling a growing desire to balance their understated stage performances with visuals. In a phase of new beginnings imbued with a DYI spirit and a sense of improvisation and curiosity, new professional methods and fields of work emerged: complex collaborations with musicians on artistic projects and stage shows, and visual designs for commercial events. In conversation with key protagonists of the period, the roundtable will shed light on this evolution and discuss how Berlin club culture and electronic music have changed from the perspective of visual design.

Tickets 15/11 euros (incl. exhibition)
Available online (plus booking fee) and at C/O Berlin