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KuB Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für obdachlose Jugendliche

Foto Workshop and exhibition "On The Street"

Cold, hunger, uncertainty: Life on the streets is hard and full of deprivations. The KuB e.V. (Contact and Consultation Center for Refugees and Migrants e.V.) helps homeless youth on their way to new lives. Since the adolescents are hard to reach with more traditional forms of assistance, the C/O Berlin Foundation and the KuB have started a special kind of photo project. Homeless youth were contacted and given the opportunity to participate in a photo workshop. From the beginning of September to the end of October 2016, these young people were familiarized with the basics of photography twice a week. After a theoretical introduction, the participants went for several walks with the course directors in the areas they’re familiar with during the first month and captured their impressions with digital cameras. Later, they processed the images together on computers. More than anything else, the collective feedback offered the young people a great deal of enjoyment. In the second month, the participants worked with portraiture and analog photography. For that, they met several times in the Education Unit at C/O Berlin Foundation and experimented with different lighting situations. Interesting and personal portraits were the result. Some participants were so excited by the project that they continued to work on their photo series in the time between the meetings using disposable or digital cameras.

The KuB is an establishment of the Berliner Notdienst Kinderschutz (Berlin child emergency services) of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district office in cooperation with the Berliner Jugendclub e.V. and cares for homeless and destitute children and youth living on the streets of Berlin. The goal of KuB is to protect young people from further impoverishment, neglect and delinquency. They’re supported in their development in order to help them escape life on the streets with continuing youth help assistance offerings.

Project Management Sophie Narr and Ralph Etter
The independend authors and directors have been directing film and photo workshops for young people for many years for C/O Berlin Foundation and more.