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Lecture by Marije Vogelzang

Begin 7 pm
Ticket 10/6 euro (incl. exhibition) . Available online (plus booking fee) and limited tickets available at the C/O Berlin box office on the day of the event .
With Marije Vogelzang . Eating Designerin
Language English

What is the meaning of food? What functions, values, and traditions do we attribute to it today? How has our relationship to food changed over recent years? Food is more than just something to eat. These days, there are countless forms of nutrition, diets, and food trends ranging from slow food, paleo, and veganism, or from high-grade meats in haute cuisine to the unthinking large-scale consumption of cheap foodstuffs and fast food. What is more, these aren’t always harmless. Food is lifestyle, politics, religion. The act of eating and the significance (or lack thereof) that we attribute to food have entered a new realm. Despite that, we all eat in the same way: with our mouths, eyes, and noses. Eating designer Marije Vogelzang is fascinated by this act of eating, but her interests extend beyond it to include farming, harvesting, cleaning, chopping, cooking, tasting, serving, consumption, and even digestion. The feelings and stories that are connected to food are no less engrossing. How can we experience anew the way food feels? How can we delve deeper into our biological, animalistic natures? How can we satisfy our appetites? How can food and design change our perspective on preexisting objects? Vogelzang creates new scenarios and perspectives involving food. With a playful, charming touch, she gives us food for thought, whetting our appetites and our interest in food itself.

Marije Vogelzang (b. 1978 in Enschede, Netherlands) is an eating designer. After graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000, she opened PROEF, an experimental design studio-cum-restaurant in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Since 2014, Vogelzang has led the FOOD NON FOOD department at Design Academy Eindhoven, and in 2016, she founded the Dutch Institute of Food & Design. She has grappled with concepts of perception, experience, and the socially acceptable and meaningful culinary aspects of food for over twenty years, provoking discussion via her publications, projects, performances, workshops, and presentations. She develops these specifically for restaurants, cultural institutions, and hospitals. Her award-winning work has been exhibited at museums, fairs, conferences, and festivals in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Russia, the US, Canada, and across Europe. Vogelzang lives and works in Rotterdam.