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Good Night! Berlin Club Culture and Gentrification

Panel Discussion

Time 07:00 p.m.
With Klaus Lederer . Senator for Culture and Europe in Berlin
Pamela Schobeß . Club commission & club owner
Dimitri Hegemann . Cultural activist, (urban) space pioneer, founder of the club Tresor, Berlin
Moderation . Ulrich Gutmair . taz Berlin
Language . German
Tickets 10/6 euros (including exhibition) . Available online (plus presale fee) and at C/O Berlin

Without its clubs, Berlin wouldn’t be what it is today. Clubs can be the spearhead of gentrification, but they’re also often its first victims. This has been the case in Berlin since the 1990s, but political awareness of the problem has only begun to develop over the last ten years. In the 1980s, the term “Kreuzberg mix” described a concept that successfully guaranteed a fruitful and harmonious balance between affordable living, working, business, and culture. Do we need a “Berlin mix” so that the city will remain a laboratory for creativity in the years to come? What can politicians and policy makers do in concrete terms to keep clubs in the city center?

The panel discussion with Klaus Lederer, Pamela Schobeß, Dimitri Hegemann, and Ulrich Gutmair will take place as part of the program of events accompanying the exhibition No Photos on the Dance Floor! Berlin 1989—Today at C/O Berlin.