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The trEATment

With Marije Vogelzang . Eating Designerin
Ticket 10 /6 Euro (incl. exhibition) . Available online (plus booking fee) and at C/O Berlin at the day of the event.
On treatment takes about 20 min.

Imagine you are wrapped up in a blanket, lying in a hammock, just floating in the air. But where your mouth is meant to be, there’s only a hole. Your eyes are blindfolded. You distinguish the voice of a stranger who feeds you, massages you gently, and tells you stories about the delicious things you’ll eat and savor. You’re about to enter a new culinary world.

In conjunction with the exhibition Food for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography, Marije Vogelzang has developed the “Food Massage” performance for C/O Berlin, upending our preconceived notions of food and eating. Her culinary designs yield unusually meaningful results. Her project encourage us to consider different forms of food and the ways we consume, perceive, and enjoy them. She creates whole meals out of white ingredients; serves up salads out of components grown solely underground in the dark; follows long-forgotten wartime recipes; and crafts new culinary concepts for clients like Philips, Hermès, BMW, and Droog. Vogelzang is a pioneer and lauded figure in the field of eating design.

Marije Vogelzang (b. 1978 in Enschede, Netherlands) is an eating designer. After studying at Design Academy Eindhoven (2000), she opened PROEF, an experimental design studio-cum-restaurant in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Since 2014, Vogelzang has led the FOOD NON FOOD department at Design Academy Eindhoven, and in 2016, she founded the Dutch Institute of Food & Design. She has grappled with concepts of perception, experience, and the socially acceptable and meaningful culinary aspects of food for over twenty years, provoking discussion via her publications, projects, performances, workshops, and presentations. She develops these specifically for restaurants, cultural institutions, and hospitals. Her award-winning work has been exhibited at museums, fairs, conferences, and festivals in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Russia, the US, Canada, and across Europe. Vogelzang lives and works in Rotterdam.