Wed, Aug 16 – Thu, Aug 17, 2023, 11:00–16:30

Summer Holiday Special: Behind the facade

Architectural Photography
Teens Workshops
© C/O Berlin Foundation

Aug 16/17, 2023

Age 12–16 years


Amaury Wenger
Frauke Menzinger

Registration fee

50 Euro
Please bring a packed lunch


Frauke Menzinger

The Brandenburg Gate, the Victory Column, the TV Tower and the Reichstag are Berlin's most famous landmarks and everyone has a certain image of these buildings in their head or often in their own photo archive. Historical columns, curved shapes, glass domes or high portals make up the characteristic architecture of each building and can be highly symbolic. They are instantly recognizable and are often photographed as a popular subject. Only almost always in a similar way – how boring! All we have to do is change the perspective.

What it means to sharpen the perception and the view, to use a certain technical know-how when choosing a motif and to find an exciting point of view when looking through the lens will be taught in this workshop.

Amaury Wenger is a photographer and has been in Berlin since 2010. Inspired by the architecture of the city, he focuses his art on different types of spaces and construction sites to abandoned places, as well as contrasts, shapes and atmosphere. He has been sharing his passion with students from various universities in Berlin for years.

Frauke Menzinger studied literature and art as well as stage and costume design at the Dresden University of Fine Arts. She works freelance for both theater and film productions. In 2010 she took over the artistic direction of the education programs Junior, Teens and Perspectives of the C/O Berlin Foundation.

Supported by
Karl Schlecht Stiftung