Thu, Apr 13, 2023, 18:00–19:00

Looking at Eggleston III

with Susanna Kirschnick
Special Guided Tours
Susanna Kirschnick © Uwe S. Tautenhahn

With Susanna Kirschnick . Master printer and expert in color photo production.
Accompanied by Dr. Kathrin Schönegg . Curator . C/O Berlin Foundation



18/12 euros (inkl. exhibition)

Remaining tickets may be available at the box office at C/O Berlin.


In this dialogue format, artists, experts and companions of William Eggleston take a subjective look at the influential work of the US pioneer of color photography, who made a significant contribution to establishing photography as an art form. During joint tours of the exhibition, the audience is invited to engage with Eggleston's influence on the art world from very different perspectives. Away from a classic photo-historical localization, the format is about is about exciting background information on Eggleston's creative phases, which are illuminated by means of selected works, the production process of his photographs or very personal anecdotes about his iconic images. This time with Susanna Kirschnick, Master printer and expert in color photo production.

In 2004 Susanna Kirschnick enlarged analog C-prints for William Eggleston and Wilmar Koenig for the exhibition Double Exposure, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, in her darkroom gOlab. With William Eggleston she determined the colors and the elaboration. Since then, the two have been linked by a friendship. Visits to Memphis, Tennessee followed and over the years a personal exchange about photography and life. In her tour she will explain the special color world of William Eggleston to the visitors with her technical but also personal background knowledge.

Susanna Kirschnick studied photography at Columbia College, Chicago and at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. In 2000, she founded gOlab, laboratory for analog C-prints in Berlin, where she realizes analog color photo productions and exhibition prints for the national and international art market as a master printer. In 2012 followed the gOdigital – Lab for finest digital printproductions in Berlin, where she produces digital archival pigment prints and high-end drumscans for artists and photographers in the exhibition context together with Christine Fenzl. Since 2001 she has been a freelance lecturer at various universities for "analog color printing in the darkroom", writes essays on "color in photography" and has been working on her own photographic work, the creation of an analog C-print alphabet, since 2013.

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