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Cancelled – Lecture

With Abigail Solomon-Godeau

Time 19:00
With Abigail Solomon-Godeau . Art historian
Language English
Tickets 10/6 euros (incl. exhibition)

How has the role of women in the art world evolved since the 1970s? How have discourses about the feminine in art changed over the last few decades? How can Francesca Woodman’s work be understood today? What explains Woodman’s enormous and enduring influence on women artists, despite her very brief artistic career? In her lecture, Abigail Solomon-Godeau will give answers to these questions, provide a frame of reference for understanding Woodman’s work, and draw comparisons.

Solomon-Godeau is a pioneer in the history and theory of photography and is among the most important experts in photography worldwide. The reception of Francesca Woodman’s art has been an important theme of her work. In 1986, she and coauthors Ann Gabhart and Rosalind Krauss published one of the first essays on Woodman on the occasion of Woodman’s first posthumous solo exhibition (Hunter College Art Gallery and Wellesley College Art Museum).

Abigail Solomon-Godeau b. 1948, in New York City / Art historian, art critic, and exhibition curator / Received her PhD from the City University, New York / Professor emeritus in the Department of History of Art & Architecture at the University of California, Santa Barbara / Renowned for her critique of canon formation / Published several books and numerous essays on feminist theory, photography, 19th century French art and contemporary art, many of which have been collected in anthologies in various languages. / She is currently working on a book entitled Art Photography in the Age of Catastrophe. / Solomon-Godeau lives and works in Paris.