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EMOP Opening Days

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Place C/O Berlin . Amerika Haus . Hardenbergstraße 22-24 . 10623 Berlin
Hashtag #emopOpeningDays

Thursday 29 September 2016

19:00 Street music
Karla Hajman traded biochemistry for music and the lab for the streets. With her guitar, ukulele, piano, expressive voice and a very unique, humorous performance, this musical nomad has delighted audiences under the open sky across Europe. Her artistic persona Stereochemistry is animated by several alien-like identities that ruthlessly peer into the human soul. Sometimes pensive, sometimes satirical, her folk songs are about life, crime, religion, obstinance and love. The street is the best school of life—no doubt!

20:30 Concert
What do techno and brass-band music have in common? Very little at first glance. But when both are combined, an enormous, archaic force that no one can escape is the result. The Hamburg-based boys from Meute play deep house and techno with acoustic instruments such
as drums, trumpets and trombones, uniting the rousing atmosphere of a marching band with the hypnotic effect of electronic music. And through this special appropriation, they bring back to electro exactly what’s so often missing in clubs—the performance.

22:00 DJ
Justus Köhncke
His albums are electronic dance floors with small German poems laid over them—Justus Köhncke has developed his very own version of pop. The producer and DJ mixes raw Chicago house beats with soft melodies, crosses Detroit techno with disco, and blasts minimal electro sounds through orchestral synthesizers. His almost weird tracks are glamorous amalgams that reside somewhere between tacky, humorous and elegant and remain true to their own style. With his bouncy bass, driving beats and opulent strings, he sends monotony packing—probably never to return.

Friday 30 September 2016

19:00 Street music
Bb Street Band
Free your mind and open your heart—four years ago, these six guys took Berlin by storm with their fresh mix of soul, blues, hip hop and funk.
The B.B. Street Band are seldom found in concert halls and clubs. You’re more likely to find them on the street and at open airs—where they have their roots. And it’s easy to see why when you hear their authentic, raw sound. Their sets are never tightly choreographed and convey a feeling of freedom and coolness with their subtle improvisations.

20:30 Concert

His mask is his trademark and it creates an important free space for Lambert. This anonymity shifts the focus from him directly to his divine piano playing. And the concerts of this neo-classical pianist are indeed as purist as that—no singing, no drums providing the rhythm, and dancing is hardly possible either. A deep melancholy and quiet romance reside within these dreamy impressionist instrumental pieces. His minimalist sound oscillates between the boundaries that define pop, jazz, classical and score. Lambert will be accompanied by poetic visuals by JUTOJO.

22:00 Concert
James Hersey

Music is the language that moves James Hersey the most. Whether it’s indie, electro, punk or hip-hop—the singer-songwriter from Vienna openly explores the diverse worlds of music without prejudices. The different genres melt effortlessly together in his songs and are held there by his distinctive voice. The Austro-American artist is an avowed loner who plays all instruments himself and independently produces his own albums in-house. The pensive optimist offers true excitement as a live act with cheery melodies and varied tempo changes.

Saturday 1 October 2016

19:00 Street music
Yusuf SahiLli
Urban pop meets oriental sounds, darbuka meets drums and oud meets electric guitar—Yusuf Sahilli finds inspiration in sounds from around the world and his work simmers with musical passion. His soft globa­lista blues are sometimes gritty and rough, sometimes sensual and melancholic. Within a single song, the singer-songwriter with Turkish-Arab roots manages not only to conjure amazing changes in mood but also to tell of friendship, meaning, purpose, death, beauty, youth, sin, routine, love, freedom, memory, oblivion and of something to hold onto.

20:30 Concert
Jesper Munk . Hosted by Converse
The blues are alive—and well! Jesper Munk’s exceptionally powerful, rough voice is the true asset of the 24-year-old singer. Accompanied by wild guitars, casual springy drums, and earthy bass, he catapults the retro genre into the here and now with his unique and fresh inter­pretation. Brash youth and solemn maturity combine to create a fascinating ambivalence with Jesper Munk. This allows blues music to become an artistic outlet through which he can express his opinions both openly and honestly.

21:30 Concert
Lary . Hosted by Converse
Balance is at its best just before it collapses. Lary is the voice of a generation that loses itself in order to be found. Unwilling to abide by strict categorization, she expertly mixes post-R&B, dubstep, and electronic beats. Poppy, powerful and unwieldy—and always with a great deal of soul. Her extensive album FutureDeutscheWelle wavers between glamor, sex, fashion, and poetry. Only in the creative chaos does Lary find her way back to her own unity and harmony—she sings and performs until the internal chemistry is brought back into balance.

22:30 DJ
Lee Stuart . Hosted by Converse
Pure love in an urban jungle like Berlin often comes up short. And there’s a DJ that injects Berliners with that feeling in a musical way. Appropriately enough, Lee Stuart names his mixes Sex & Emotions. The Dutch DJ can entice audiences with material ranging from slow-burn tracks to the most driving club beats. He expertly mixes tracks about seduction with songs about heartache, electronic with organic, old with new. Experience an intense musical exploration of R&B!

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