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Danny Lyon . Soc. Sci. 127 und Willie


Danny Lyon deals in both his photographs and his films with people on the periphery—the forgotten and marginalized who are excluded from participation in American society. Over the course of his career, Lyon produced around 20 films, most of them independently, outside the usual production and distribution channels. As a result, few of his films are known to a wider public. At its first event in partnership with the new delphi LUX of the Yorck Kinogruppe, C/O Berlin will be showing two films by Danny Lyon.

Soc. Sci. 127 (USA 1969, 21 Min., BW/color) is Danny Lyon’s first film. It is a direct yet bizarre portrait of Texas tattoo artist Bill Sanders, a hard-drinking, sharp-tongued macho in a scruffy t-shirt: an ex-con whose customers include homosexuals, prostitutes, and criminals—marginalized social groups that in the 1960s were associated with deviant or even illegal subcultures. In provocative, painfully real, sometimes surreal, and very intimate images, Danny Lyon succeeds in depicting the individual characters in deeply empathetic ways.

Willie (USA 1985, 82 Min., BW/color) is a documentary film by Danny Lyon and his wife Nancy Weiss Lyon. The camera accompanies Willie Jaramillo, a convict from the small town of Bernalillo, New Mexico. The film offers powerful insights into the social network and bleak living conditions of the main character. Lyon shows the prison, the guards’ rough treatment of prisoners, and the racism prevalent in one of the toughest cell blocks in the penitentiary, where Willie is locked up next to his childhood friend Michael Guzmann. While Willie is in prison for relatively minor offences, his friend has been convicted of murder. Here, too, Danny Lyon’s documentary style is close-up, direct, honest, and always treats his subjects as equals.

The films will be presented in English.

Location delphi LUX . Yva-Bogen . Kantstraße 10 . 10623 Berlin
Begin 6 pm
Introduction Danny Lyon and Dieter Kosslick, Advisory Board of C/O Berlin Foundation and Festival Director of Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin
Admission 15 Euro . Online ticket plus fee . additional tickets at the box office