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Compatriots 1977 – 1987. Two Germanys

Guided tour with Rudi Meisel, Photographer

Germany at the end of the 1970s. The post-war period has been overcome, the economic miracle has been accomplished and the division into West and East has finally been completed. Yet despite the wall and the barbed wire, the FRG and GDR are in fact extraordinarily similar in terms of their petit bourgeois nature, their uniformity, architecture and habituality. Conservative comfort, inhospitable residential developments, neighbourly chit-chat, boozy get-togethers in bars, youth rebellion, entertaining folk festivals, streets in disrepair – over a period of eleven years, the West German photographer Rudi Meisel captured the everyday life of the common people on both sides. In the tradition of street photography, he was interested in what was happening behind the state-manipulated propaganda and staged events. His perspective on the socialist state is open, inquisitive and free of any polemics, malice or condescendence. Rudi Meisel gives a tour through his unique, historical archive, causing the viewer to be confounded and amazed by the similarity of the subject.

Start 4 pm . No registration needed
Language German
Price 5 Euro plus admission fee 10/5 Euro
Meeting point Entrance Hall
Ort C/O Berlin at Amerika Haus . Hardenbergstraße 22–24 . 10623 Berlin

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