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C/O Berlin Book Days

Book presentations . Summer festival . Concert . Lecture

Even in the digital age, the book remains an ideal medium for representing the fascination of photography in all its rich variety. Today more than ever, the selection of formats, the haptic qualities of the paper, the arrangement of pictures, and the carefully designed layout make these carriers of analog data—whether mass-produced volumes or individual collector’s items—objects of desire. Thanks to technological advances that have made book production easier, more and more artists and cultural entrepreneurs are publishing their own projects as photo books.

Beginning with the success of the first Talents series catalogs, C/O Berlin has been producing its own publications to accompany exhibitions since 2009. The C/O Berlin Book Days will serve as a platform to present the most recent works by both long-established and up-and-coming publishing houses and artists, and to thereby stimulate exchange and discussion.

Participants: 1/2  Zines, ABC / Joachim Schmid, ALBUM - Magazin für Fotografie, Bücher & Hefte, Ex Pose, FW:, Gloria Glitzer, Hatje Cantz, Je suis une bande de jeunes, Jung & Wenig, Kehrer Verlag, Kodoji Press, Kominek, Peeping Tom, Piece Of Cake, Romka Magazin, Self Publish Be Happy, Marcus Schaden, Anne Schwalbe, Seltmann & Söhne and Graeme Vaughan.