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Changing Perspectives . Gender in Fashion and Fashion Photography


Gertrud Lehnert, Esther Perbandt and Christoph Neumann will discuss the portrayal of gender in fashion and fashion photography on the occasion of the Allure exhibition.

A shirt that slides from the shoulders and reveals the gentle curve of a neck. Flowing silk offering an impression of the skin below it with its sheen or a lace that leaves its imprint deep in the skin – for the photographic eye, desire manifests itself in the interplay between body and dress. Fashion photography portrays so much more than mere clothing. It creates the images that make fashion visible in an iridescent, strangely beautiful and yet sometimes disturbing and even promising way. Through idealized beauty, fashion photography has always dealt with the presentation of physicali-ty and with it the insertion of both body and desire into the view of the beholder.

But what happens when gender oscillates? If the visual presence of gender eludes codification? How is desire portrayed from the photographic perspective? How does the body manifest itself in sexually charged, modern fashion images? What kind of relationship does it maintain with the clothing in fashion representations? Fashion theorist and publicist Prof. Dr. Gertrud Lehnert from the University of Potsdam, Berlin-based fashion designer and founder Esther Perbandt and photographer Christoph Neumann explore the portrayal of gender in fashion images and examine what happens when patterns of perception are broken down or rendered unrecognizable. Designer and publicist Antje Osterburg will lead the discussion.

Time Doors open from 8 pm . Begin 8.30 pm
Panel Gertrud Lehnert, Esther Perbandt, Christoph Neumann
Presentation Antje Osterburg
Admission 10 Euros . reduced fee 6 Euro . online ticket (plus fee) or tickets at box office on the same day
Language German

Place C/O Berlin . Amerika Haus . Hardenbergstraße 22–24 . 10623 Berlin