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Book signing & Performance

With Boris Mikhailov & Finja Sander

Start 7 pm
Admission free

Critical, radical, and provocative—works by both photographer Boris Mikhailov and performance artist Finja Sander tackle themes such as the body and nudity. While Mikhailov uses a curly wig and dildo to self-deprecatingly explore his own body in his photo series I am Not I (1992), and ruthlessly depicts desolate, unprettified figures in his most famous work Case History (1997–98), Sander performs in the immediate, time- and place-bound vicinity of the observer. The artist understands her own body as an artistic product, material, and experience. Sander’s last Performance 2 (2017) at the University of the Arts in Berlin was photographed and is now part of Mikhailov’s newest projection Temptation of Death (2017–19), on show in the current exhibition. Using different approaches, both artists combine common methods and aesthetic concepts, challenging the viewer both visually and physically.

Finja Sander (b. 1996 in Hildesheim) is an artist whose works are performative, place-bound, and treat the body as an artistic surface. At once a canvas, a sculpture, and the nude artist herself, this body exists in the spatial and situational contexts of the viewer. Sander’s performances have been shown at the University of the Arts in Berlin, where she lives and works, and in project spaces in Berlin and Hannover.