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12 Answers about C/O Berlin

C/O Berlin Foundation

1. What is C/O Berlin?
C/O Berlin is an exhibition center for photography and visual media.
2. What kind of cultural activities does C/O Berlin offer?
C/O Berlin presents the work of internationally renowned artists, provides support to talented young artists, and offers educational programs for children and young people.
3. How big is the C/O Berlin team?
C/O Berlin has around 50 employees working in management, service, and event production.
4. How is C/O Berlin financed?
C/O Berlin is financed by admission fees, sponsorships, and donations. Online donation is possible.
5. Is C/O Berlin a commercial gallery?
No, C/O Berlin is a charitable civil-law foundation. The exhibits at C/O Berlin are not offered for sale. C/O Berlin does not represent artists and is not part of the art market. 6. Does C/O Berlin receive any institutional funding? No, C/O Berlin is a completely privately funded exhibition center, making it unique among German museums.
7. Does C/O Berlin receive any funding from the Berlin state government (Land Berlin)?
No, the Berlin state government owns the Amerika Haus, and C/O Berlin pays rent for the building at current market rates.
8. Who is paying to convert the Amerika Haus into an exhibition center?
The Berlin state government is upgrading the building’s technical infrastructure. C/O Berlin will then cover the costs of all interior construction needed to convert the building into a museum with exhibition spaces, a library, and seminar rooms.
9. How can I support C/O Berlin?
By making a donation of any amount. Your donation is, of course, tax-deductible. You can also become a supporting member of our non-profit association C/O Berlin Friends e.V.
10. What will my donation to the C/O Berlin Foundation be used for?
Your donation will contribute to the projects of the C/O Berlin Foundation. It will enable a wide-ranging program of events and educational activities for exhibition visitors, children, and young people, and will help in the renovation of the Amerika Haus.
11. Why is C/O Berlin a foundation?
The ideal legal form for a cultural institution in Germany is a foundation. As a foundation, C/O Berlin is independent of individual interests and influences and can, in principle, continue to exist far into the future.
12. Does the C/O Berlin Foundation have a capital stock?
Yes, but a foundation is not permitted to use its capital stock for ongoing operations; this reserve has to remain untouched. The foundation’s real asset consists in the people who put the idea of an international cultural institution into practice and make it a lived reality.