After Nature Prize 2024

Laura Huertas Millán / Sarker Protick
Sep 14, 2024 – Jan 23, 2025
© Renato Cruz Santos / © Tanjimul Tuhin

Many ideas about nature have become unsettled as people realize that life and economics under global capitalism have irrevocably changed the global ecosystem. The effects of the climate crisis show that nature in the twenty-first century is no longer “natural,” but is instead affected in every way by human actions. How do we view nature today, when its condition is indivisibly interwoven in the social and political expressions of our way of life?

Together with Crespo Foundation, C/O Berlin awards the After Nature . Ulrike Crespo Photography Prize from 2024. The Prize is awarded annually to two individuals or groups aged 35 years or older with an existing exhibition and publication practice and enables the winners to realize their projects on the topic of “Photography after Nature.” 

The first recipients are Laura Huertas Millán (b. 1983, Colombia) and Sarker Protick (b. 1986, Bangladesh). A double exhibition will be first presented at C/O Berlin in the Amerika Haus from Sep 14, 2024, to Jan 23, 2025. An accompanying publication will be released.

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