Michail Pirgelis

Michail Pirgelis, Artistic Intervention 2015
Michail Pirgelis, Artistic Intervention 2015 © David von Becker

Michail Pirgelis explores the notion of flight, seeking all over the world the resting places of obsolete airplanes and transforming their remnants into sculptures.  Following a different process each time, the artist decontextualizes the fragmented aircraft parts while keeping the aura of the objects intact. Depending on the certain concept he sometimes just "borrows" the raw material for his works and returns it afterwards to it's former fuction in an airplane. Er creates a “contemporary archaeology” where the aircraft’s pieces are strange amalgams of the past, seen in the present while denoting the future.


Michail Pirgelis * 1976 in Essen, raised in Greece, lives and works in Cologne.