Sat, Mar 16 – Sun, Mar 17, 2024, 11:00–16:30

Black, White, Blue

From negative to unique piece
Teens Workshops
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March 16 + 17, 2024

each 11:00–16:30

C/O Berlin Education
Hardenbergstr. 19


Nick Großmann, Paula Schmidt

14–18 years


Registration fee

50 euro, please bring packed lunch

Frauke Menzinger .

Fully booked! Only with waiting list.

In this workshop, which deals with one of the oldest techniques of analog photography and the imaging of negatives, photography becomes an adventure. Just setting up the 4x5" camera is like a small event. In this variant, the focus will not be on the number of images, but rather on discussing the image ideas and concepts in advance and composing the image before it is photographed. As a group, we will devote ourselves to the subject of 'portraits' and concentrate on the tension between man/nature and figure/environment. The images will be developed either in the studio or with natural light. We will also print our negatives together in the darkroom using the 'cyanotype' process and discuss the prints afterwards.

This workshop focuses on a playful and creative approach to the roots of photography. We learn the art of portraiture through the consistent application of a reduced photographic variant. Each image created is unique, as it can simply only be produced once. This gives us the opportunity to sharpen our focus and create images that are special.

Nick Grossmann is a photographer with a focus on analog street photography. After studying art and photography in Enschede and Vancouver, he works as a coordinator and supervisor of various photography groups (including an initiative for people with mental illness) and regularly gives workshops for young people and adults.

Paula Schmidt is a Berlin-based photographer whose passion is photographing memories captured through the intricacies of everyday life. Her focus is particularly on personal projects such as portrait photography. She is currently studying at the Ostkreuz School of Photography.

Supported by
Karl Schlecht Stiftung