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Education supplements the programme at C/O Berlin by covering the important aspect of visual pedagogy. With the formats Junior, Teens and Adults, C/O Berlin offers a chance to get to know photography, film and design on a professional level and to playfully implement one's own ideas. In workshops lasting several days children, youths and adults not only gain specialized knowledge, but also enhance their visual perception and discover their own creative potential.


With the Junior program, C/O Berlin offers children the opportunity to playfully become acquainted with photography, design and architecture, to train their visual perception and to creatively put their own ideas into practice. An inherent part of the expert-run, pedagogically supervised workshops are the visits to the studios and offices of the creative disciplines. In this way, the 6 to 14 year olds can further develop their social competencies under artistic guidance. Junior supplements C/O Berlin’s lively and diverse program by making an important contribution to visual education.

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Discovering cultural diversity, developing ideas together, gaining new experience—with the Teens program, C/O Berlin will enable youths to become familiar with visual media, ranging from photography to film, in a professional context, and to experiment with it playfully in a team—from the concept to the finished work of art. In workshops lasting several days, the youths, aged between 14 and 17, will not only acquire specific knowledge but will also be able to train their perception and their own creative approach.

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> Program 2016


This year, C/O Berlin will extend its non-profit commitment and provide children and youths in socially disadvantaged living situations with the new programme Perspectives. Communicating artistic knowledge, playfully developing creativity, heightening awareness. In workshops lasting several days, the young participants will become familiar with visual media, ranging from photography to film, in teams with professional guidance.


1 day 35 Euros (incl. Snack)
2 days 50 Euros (incl. Snack)
4 days 70 Euros (incl. Snack)

Reduced fee for holders of the berlinpass.


Frauke Menzinger .